Serve3Sixty is a platform designed to manage digital assets and facilitate their integration & distribution. It's configured to connect to various CDN's (Amazon, Azure, Google, Rackspace...etc) and handles automatically the back and forth with those CDN's - leaving you to concentrate on your product or service.

Digital assets are either images or videos and uploaded simply : as a single unit or in bulk. The upload process is either a manual one (via the html interface), FTP or API. Once the digital assets are transferred S3S will analyse the files and determine which is the best way to serve them : as singular images, multiple images or interactive presentations. Resolutions can varie from 320px width up to 24MP.

Once the assets are uploaded they are exposed through a simple yet powerful API - permetting a seamless integration into your digital product. Tracking is handled through a web admin or the end CDN.

Finally, the importance of digital assets means that each version of S3S is delivered on it's own individual server.