MrCron was another tool designed out of a need to track automated jobs. Automated jobs are synonymous with dev-ops. Every developer will always have 20+ automated tasks running at certain intervals. But what happens when you've got over a 100 ? More importantly, what happens when something breaks ? We all know the answer to that : the customer finds out before you ! :)

With MrCron, we wanted to design a simple notification system that would be easy to implement and keep us ahead of the customers call if and when something broke.

After a few weeks of tinkering, MrCron was released. As it's API centric, it was easily implemented and immediatly started giving us feedback on a) processes that we thought were running, b) others that weren't executing at all and c) most importantly : kept us ahead of the game with our customers automated jobs.

Glad to say that it's about to hit it's 10 million'th API call.

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