Aimee is our custom built platform to create powerful conversational experiences. We wanted to create an engine that could understand natural language, respond with pre-programmed responses but also respond to unknown questions and adapt.

This lead us to design a topical knowledge engine which would enable it to be tought (injected) text based knowledge of a given topic. This knowledge can then be trained upon to facilitate gaged responses to users various different queries. Although it verges on AI, we prefer to use the term Augmented Interactions.

API centric, Aimee can connect to any platform and adapts automatically it's response formats based on that target platform. Complete branding can be achieved through it's white label features.

Exchanges flow naturally with responses that can be dynamic based on real-time external data sources, including goal based data to generate highly intimate conversations. Finally, it comes out-of-the-box-ready to connect to CRM's.

Oh, and it's multi-lingual :)